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Sparboe Farms

The recent food safety and welfare issues with a supplier to McDonald’s, points out the need to be absolutely certain that you are using the very best practices available for your operation. We face the loss of practices that are perfectly acceptable as a result of abuses. If positive action is not taken, the result could be the loss of production and a significant increase in the cost of the food.
I think the company’s response is a good one.

  • Sparboe Farms, the embattled Iowa egg producer at the center of an ABC News investigation, has created a task force to investigate the company’s operations, it was announced this week.
  • Sparboe’s president and owner, Beth Sparboe Schnell, says she decided to create the task force “so that we can make our company better.” The new task force will be made up of three Sparboe employees and three outside advisors. She further noted that the company recently passed four third-party animal welfare audits, confirming the company is in compliance with policies. The”Sustainability Task Force” is charged with “reviewing all current company practices in the areas of food safety, animal care and sustainability.”

It is time to stop denying, as that position has lost credibility. I believe that this approach will yield positive benefits to both the industry and Sparboe farms, but it will take time.